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 rally 2014


Pictured above are Summer (right lead) Yukon (left lead) and Sammy at Wheel running in the 3/4 Dog Rig Nordic Breed Class at the Siberian Husky Club of Northern

 Ireland Dryland Sled Dog Rally held on 19th January 2014, we came 4th in a very strong competitive Class,  and below are Sammy (right lead) Yukon (left lead) and

 Shadow (at wheel) running in the Siberian Husky Club of Northern Ireland Sled Dog Rally, the first ever such Rally to be held here in Northern Ireland, Siobhan and

 the boys came 4th in the 3/4 Dog Class gaining 8 points towards the Championship Series....below that  Siobhan running Sammy and Yukon in lead and Shadow

 at Wheel during the 158 Mile Marathon Mush in Virginia, County    Cavan a Tails and Trails fundraising event for Cash for Kids Charity, 28th Oct. 2012...Photos 

courtesy of Rita Wilson Photography... 

                                                 SHCNI Rally       


We are a small Working  Kennel of  14 Siberian Huskies  located near Moira, Northern Ireland. We work all our Dogs and  have

shown some of them. We hope you enjoy our site. I lived in Toronto, Canada for 24 years and it was there I fell in love with Huskies.

Our first dog was a Husky Cross called Buck, I brought Him back to Northern Ireland with me in 2006. Buck has since gone to Rainbow Bridge. We now have

 14 Siberian Huskies, 10 Registered Siberian Huskies, and 4 Non Registered Siberians, in total 8 Dogs and 6 Bitches.  Our newest additions here at Northbreeze are

Koryak  our Male Puppy and Chukchi our Female

Puppy, pictures of them on the 'Puppy Pics' page, Mum and Dad are Sioux and Yukon ( BPIG Canadian Champion Sherakan's Klondike Connection, we thank our

Friends Sherry and Vince Borgia of Sherakan Siberians in Ontario, Canada for this Boy! Yukon has been out training on our 4 dog team and this boy can move and

loves to run! Our newest Female Siberian is Summer AKA Deshka's Summer Dyr, We thank our Friend Tracy Kirkpatrick of Deshka Siberian Huskies for this

special girl and for trusting us with Her.  Wee Summer is settling in very well here in the County Armagh countryside...Photos of Summer can be seen in the 'our

girls' section of the website as well as Her pedigree, Her Dam is Coyote AKA Alaskan's Coyote of Anadyr for Deshka and Her Sire is

 Jedeye Nemo of Manitou at Sassicaia, Summer's Grand Sire and Great Grand Sire on Her Dam's Side have run in the Iditarod Sled

Dog Race as well as Her Sire having run the Iditarod also, Her Sire and Dam are Both imports from the U.S.A....Siobhan spent 10 days

at Polar Quest Pro Mushing Clinic in Slussfors Sweden in March Below are photos of Her running 4 Dog Teams whilst there, this was an

awesome trip and a link to the Website can be found under 'About Huskies' I highly recommend!

swedensiobhan sweden dog yard 

Winter has finally arrived here in Northern Ireland and we had some snow this past week to enjoy. So we got to go Sledding!   

ian sled siobhan sled                                                                            


Our Newest Siberian Boy has joined us from our friend Mel Andrews in Norway. 'Greentrail Cracker' is a stunning Siberian Husky, His Father is a Jedeye Siberian

from the US, He has Vargevass, Shjegge Mann's, Tshabets,  Anadyr and Igloo Pak Bloodlines. Photos below are of Cracker out on a training run and a headshot of Him:


                                                                                                           Cracker training               

We are members of:

We enjoy Rig Running, Bikejore and Cani-Crossing/Walking with our Dogs  as well as Showing our 2 Girls. Siobhan is pictured below running Sammy and

Diesel in lead,Shadow and Kebo at wheel in the Irisharod Sled Dog Rally on 25th March 2012, a tails and trails event, the team ran 2.5 Miles in 9 minutes

 42 seconds and clocked a top speed of 20 mph, not bad for our 2nd Rally and 1st Rally running the 4 Dogs! and below that running Sammy and Diesel at

 the Killykeen Sled Dog Rally, a tails and trails event, She came 10th in the 2 Dog Rig Class, photos courtesy of Rita Wilson and below that Siobhan with our

 4 Dog Team at the Rally in Dartry Forest, photo courtesy of Rory Geary. Below Left and Right Siobhan running our 4 Siberian Team of Yukon and Summer in

 lead, Sammy and Koryak at Wheel during the 15 Mile (25 km) NorthwestEndurance Sled Dog Race on Sunday 2nd March 2014, in Barnsmore Pass, Donegal

 they did very well considering this was their first longer distance Race! Photos courtesy of Maria Doherty, see working pictures section for more of our Sibes

working in harness


                      killykeen home page

                                                4 dog team dartry                  

      donegal                                      donegal 2                                                                



                                snow run    Sammy and Yukon in Lead, Shadow and Summer at Wheel                snow run 2                                                                               


Siobhan and Summer AKA Deshka's Summer Dyr:



****Siberian Husky Club of Northern Ireland**** 5th Annual 'Husky Huddle and Malamute Mingle' will be held on Saturday 6th June 2015 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. at Tannaghmore Gardens, Craigavon


 Northbreeze Siberian Huskies are fuelled by:   RAW Meaty Bones and Minces: http://www.prizechoice.co.uk/

and by: Alpha High Performance Dry Kibble... http://www.alphafeeds.com/product.php?c=Dog&s=BAGS&p=High Performance&k=HIPE15

                                                                                                                     alpha bag 

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