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Below are pictures of Nanook, Sammy and Sky Cani-Walking with their Friends Skye and Scooby.  We Cani-Cross/Walk with our dogs which is to say that they wear a shoulder Harness and are 'connected' to us by a line with a Bungee so that if the dog bolts or races on ahead it doesn't injure us, this line is attached to a Musher's Belt or Walky Belt around our hips/waist...

Other ways we use to exercise our Siberians is Bike Jore where an attachment is connected to the front of the Bike, your dog can wear either a shoulder type/distance harness or a X Back/H Back Harness, distance harnesses have been used by Mushers for sometime now, they were developed by 4 time Iditarod Winner/Yukon Quest Winner Jeff King and have become quite popular as an alternative to the X Backs/H Back Harnesses of late...Bikejore should be done on a trail or off road area...

A racing rig can also be used to exercise your Siberians, this is a good way to get them up to full speed and give them the run they love! A rig is a three or four wheeled 'Bike' type frame which the Musher stands on while holding onto the handle bars. See the 'working photos/pictures' of our website to see photos of some of our dogs running in front of the Steeldog (3 wheeled rig) or Quadriga (4 wheeled rig). Sleds aren't used so much as we don't have the snow and winter weather that Canada, the U.S. or parts of Northern Europe have so much. Snow paw store or country hounds(web addresses below) are good online websites to purchase the equipment I've mentioned here... 

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Below are some pictures taken recently during the Winter, needless to say the guys and girls love this Weather!

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Wikipedia description/Info on The Siberian Husky: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siberian_Husky

There are lots of websites with information about Siberian Huskies so I'm not going to go into a lot of detail here. I would suggest If you're interested in the Breed or perhaps getting a Siberian of your own then please research the Breed first, they aren't for everyone and If you're away for long periods of time each day or don't have the time to exercise them they can be very destructive not because they want to annoy you but because they become bored very quickly.

Siberian Huskies also do better when they are kept in pairs or in a pack environment. They also Shed a lot so If you're very house proud then perhaps you should look for a non shedding Breed of Dog, they should also never be let off the lead as they can't be trusted to come back If they decide to run off and they love to run!! They are also very addictive so be warned, we started out with 1 Sibe and we now have 13! (for the time being!!...L.O.L...).

I've included some links to websites that have more information on Siberian Huskies and which can offer support to Siberian Husky owners as well as some sites where you can purchase equipment for working your Sibe(s) in harness.

Why not consider taking a Welfare Sibe into your home? Our Re-homed Siberians have given us so much joy and we wouldn't be without them now... If interested send us a message please as we are in touch with folks who have Huskies for rehoming, also please see the SHCGB welfare site link below, we would also recommend buying your Sibes from a reputable Breeder, they will take any puppies/dogs they have Bred back at anytime during their lives if for some reason you can't keep your Sibe, they will also Health Check their Breeding Dogs/Bitches so you can be pretty sure your puppy is as Healthy as they can be, we can't stress this enough...

http://www.siberianhuskyclub.com/ The Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain 
http://www.scottishshc.org.uk/Scottish Siberian Husky Club
http://www.siberianhuskeyclubofcanada.com/Canadian Siberian Husky Club
http://www.shcgbwelfare.org.uk/ Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain Welfare Site 
http://www.irishsleddogwelfare.webs.com/ Irish Sled Dog Welfare Site, info on adopting Huskies etc
http://www.snowpawstore.co.uk/ Excellent online shop for all your harnesses, collars, etc 
http://www.sleddogcentral.com/Excellent online shop for working equipment, american based 
http://www.polarquestpro.com Our Friends Dave King and Annette Kriller in Sweden
http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/UK Kennel Club Website
http://www.howlingdogalaska.com/ Another online shop for working dog supplies 
www.lakotasong.com/sleddogs/ Excellent website for sled dog welfare issues 
http://www.siberianhuskyhealthfoundation.org/Excellent resource for Sibe Health Issues 
http://www.siberianhuskiesonline.com/ Another comprehensive resource for Siberian Husky owners or those interested in the Breed 
http://www.orijenpetfoods.co.uk/ Excellent Dry Food for Dogs, now available in the U.K. and Ireland, one of only a few 6 Star Dry Dog Foods as awarded by:
http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/ Excellent resource for Dry Dog Food Analysis and Research
http://www.sherakan.com/ Our friends Sherry and Vince Borgia's Website

http://www.ishclub.org/                                   The International Siberian Husky Club

http://www.huskavarna.net                              Glen and Paula Marcy's Kennel in Ohio, USA

http://www.chukotski-racing-siberians.co.uk       Fred and Amanda Palmer's Kennel

http://www.siberianhuskies.ie                          Our Friends Ralph and Sue Holmes Suraliam Kennel

http://www.worldmals.com/                              Excellent website for info about and all things Malamute!

http://www.shcni.com                                    The Siberian Husky Club of Northern Ireland website

http://www.countryhounds.ie                             Online Mushing supplies, harnesses, lines etc

http://www.cudosrigs.co.uk                              Website for suppliers of 3 and 4 wheeled racing rigs

http://www.steeldog.co.uk                                Website for supplier of 3 wheeled racing rigs

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