Below are some pictures of our Sibe Family as Puppies, they grow up so fast!


Above and Below are photos of Chukchi and Koryak, the newest arrivals here at Northbreeze!

chukchi and koryak nursing

Chukchi, 5 weeks old:


nanook as a pup          

Above is Nanook at 4 months old in Her basket

waking up

Above is Nanook waking up from Her fav napping spot!

sky as a pup

Above is Sky at 10 weeks old

ian and sky

Above is Ian and Sky at 10 weeks old

ian and wee sky

Above are Ian and wee Sky taking a nap!

nanook and sky

Above are Nanook and Sky on the Sofa

wee sammy

Above and Below Wee Sammy at 16 weeks old


Below are pictures of Niko, our newest pack member



Below is Summer:

wee summer, ian and siouxsie

Below is Summer with Her Brother Ghost:

summer and ghost baby pic

Below are pictures of Yukon with His Dad Cage and by Himself:

yukon and dad


Below is our house cat Siouxsie who came home with me

from Toronto, (She's an honourary Sibe really!!)...L.O.L...




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