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 Results for the 2015 - 2016 Season: Yu Can Quest Stage Race, 4 Dog Nordic Breed Class, 1st Place in the Mileage Marathon completing 308 Miles Total, so proud of Summer, Cracker, Yukon and Koryak! Irish Federation of Sled Dog Sports Curragh Night Race, 1st Place in 6 Dog Nordic Breed Class, Yukon, Summer in Lead, Cracker, Koryak in Team, Sammy in Wheel position.


Results for our 4 Dog Siberian Husky Racing Team for the 2014 - 2015 Season: October Irish Federation of Sled Dog Sports Ballygar Race: 4 Dog Nordic Breed Class 4th Place. November Siberian Husky Club of Northern Ireland Castlecaldwell: 4 Dog Nordic Breed Class 3rd Place. We had to scratch from the Siberian Husky Club of Northern Ireland January Race after an unfortunate incident however we will be entering the Race on 15th February. Our 4 Dog Team came 3rd in the 4 Dog Nordic Breed Class at SHCNI Rally on 15th February 2015. We placed 3rd overall in the All Ireland Dryland Mushing Championship for 2014/2015! 1st Photo below Courtesy of Jamie Wright and is of the Team crossing the finish line at Ballygar, Father and Son Yukon and Koryak in Lead, Cracker and Summer at Wheel, and 2nd Photo is of the Team on the Trails during the November Race, Yukon and Summer in Lead, Cracker and Koryak at Wheel, photo courtesy of Rita Wilson Photography. 3rd Photo is the Team at the Start, 4th Photo hitting the Trail, 5th Photo crossing the Finish Line and our Rosettes and Certificate, photos courtesy of Niamh Marrs and Kerri Trimble: 



flying SHCNI rally start feb 2015

feb 2015 rallyfeb 2015 finish 2015 season rosettesBelow are Summer (right lead) Yukon (left lead) and Sammy at Wheel running in the SHCNI Dryland Sled Dog Rally held on 19th January 2014 in Castlecaldwell Forest, we came 4th in the 3/4 Dog Rig Nordic Breed Class, photo courtesy of Rita Wilson Photography:



 rita's shcni rally

Above is a photo of our 3 Dog Team running in the Siberian Husky Club of Northern Ireland Dryland Sled Dog Rally, Castlecaldwell Forest, 2nd and 3rd November 2013.  Photo Courtesy of Rita Wilson, Summer and Yukon in Lead, Sammy at Wheel, we came in 2nd in the 3 -4 Dog Rig Class!

shcni start

Above is our 3 Dog Team at the start line of the SHCNI Dryland Sled Dog Rally, Tracy, Diane, John and myself handling.

Below is our 3 Dog Team taking off from the start line at the SHCNI Dryland Sled Dog Rally.

shcni take off 

Below are Sammy (right lead) Yukon (left lead) and Shadow (at wheel) at the Siberian Husky Club of Northern Ireland 

First ever Sled Dog Rally to be held here on 11th November 2012, Siobhan and the boys came 4th in 3/4 Dog Class! 

Photos courtesy of Rita Wilson Photography, 

Photo below that shows Siobhan crossing the finish line with the boys...Photo courtesy of Yasmin Anderson...

SHCNI Rally dogs close up

SHCNI Finish Line


Below are pictures of Koryak and Summer going on a training run and Koryak and His Dad Yukon training at night:

s and k

 koryak and yukon

Below is a picture of Sammy (left lead) Yukon (right lead) Shadow (left wheel) and Kebo (right wheel)

yukon 4 dogs

Below are Yukon and Sammy waiting to go and on a training run

y and s

yukon first run

Below is a photo of the Team staked out at Irisharod:

stake out


killykeen side view

Above and Below are Sammy and Diesel at Killykeen Sled Dog Rally, Photo courtesy of Rita Wilson


Below are Siobhan on a training run on the Quadriga with Diesel and Sammy and Liz behind

quadriga belvoir

 Below are Sammy and Diesel in lead, canuck and sky at wheel on a training run, Canuck also loves

to run in Harness and runs Lead with Sky or Kebo, wheel position on our 4 dog team.

sammy, d, canuck, sky

Below Sammy and Kebo training:

sammy and kebo rig

Below are Sammy and Shadow training:

sammy and shadow

Below are Sammy and Diesel in lead, Sky at wheel:

sammy, d, sky

Below are Sammy and Diesel training with Ian on the Rig:

sky and sammy

Below are Diesel and Sammy at Killykeen Sled Dog Rally Photo courtesy of Rita Wilson:


killykeen d and sammy 

Below is a picture of Siobhan running Canuck and Sky on the Quadriga, our new 4 Wheeled Rig and

below that the Rig:

siobhan, quadriga


Below is a photo of our Passenger Training Rig:

passenger rig                          

Below are some photos of our Sibes free running in our Fenced in Paddock:


Above are Canuck and Sioux trying to catch Nanook!



'Run like the wind guys!'

Below are some pictures of Nanook, Sky and Canuck having fun in the Snow!

nanook, sky and canuck

canuck and nanook

canuck in the snow

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